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Over the last two years, record numbers of people have voluntarily left their jobs. The movement is now so broad it has a name: The Great Resignation. Some of these people have left for more flexible work in the gig economy. Some are seeking a change in lifestyle. But many have been spurred by the Covid-19 pandemic and associated social upheavals to take a deep look at their lives and what gives them purpose.

Does this describe you? Are you feeling stagnant and in need of a change that can offer you greater purpose and engagement? This is entirely natural. Your purpose will shift and change over time, and it’s right to constantly find new ways to reinvigorate it. But those periods of transition are challenging to navigate.

All of us experience moments when we must face the difficult decision to let go of doing something that formerly offered us purpose, as I highlight in the HBR Guide to Crafting Your Purpose. But big decisions, like a career change, should be approached thoughtfully. I always advise people to try to reinvent their current work before moving on to something new. Changing jobs or careers is a big deal, and running for “greener grass” is often not the right solution. But there are times where the right choice is to strike out on a fresh path.

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