Meet John Coleman

John has a passion for leadership, investing, and seeing others reach their potential. He’s served in leadership positions at firms like McKinsey & Company, Invesco, and Sovereign’s Capital and on a number of government and non-profit boards. He has also had the opportunity to interact with thousands of founders, investors, and business leaders in hundreds of organizations. His writing focuses on helping people to explore their leadership and the many ways in which they can craft greater meaning into their own lives and the lives of others.

About the Book

Jaime Halasz is fighting for a bright future after a tragic past when she’s assigned the story of her career: uncover the source of the miracles breaking out all over Atlanta, GA.

As the seemingly supernatural events pile up, she’s skeptical. But when she witnesses the miraculous events herself, she’s thrust into the center of the story that will make or break everything she’s been working for.

What will it take to believe in these miracles and the man behind them? And even if Jaime can trust him, what happens to her story—and his future—when some believers turn their backs?

Miracles asks us to consider what it would look like in a world of smart phone videos and 24/7 media if the unbelievable became undeniable.

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